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5 Tips To Turn Your Family VeganūüĆĪ

5 Tips To Turn Your Family Vegan

We all dream having a vegan family, that one day we just wake up and everyone comes to us and tells us "We thought about it and you were right the whole time - we are going vegan". Is it really possible? reading time : 6minutes

Tip Number 1: Learn How To Cook¬†ūüĎ®‚Äćūüć≥

Learning how to cook is very important. 99% of people will replay with "yes" to the answer "are you against animal abuse & animal cruelty?" and yet they are not vegan.

That's because one of the biggest fears in becoming vegan is not knowing what you're going to eat, and is not since vegans don't have what eat - people fear going vegan because their lack of knowledge. Someone told you vegans have nothing to eat? don't be mad ! smile. smile and prove them wrong :)

You may think cooking is hard but it can be very simple, you can find very easy & delicious vegan recipes online, try some, give it a shot, and when you think you found a good one let your family taste what you made, it will show them that veganism can be tasty and it doesn't necessarily require plenty of effort.

I recommend you taking it to the next level, make a vegan dish the next time you're celebrating a holiday or having a family dinner. The more meals you let them eat and the tastier they are - the better ! we are working on adding the easiest and tastiest vegan recipes that are out there to our website, stay tuned for that :)


Tip Number 2: Lead The Conversation To Where You Wantūüí¨


When talking about veganism, specially with family and friends things can go out of control, Is very important to remember your goal - you want to get them at least one step closer to being vegan, and you are gonig to do it by thought-provoking questions & giving them the knowledge they lack.

TPQ (thought-provoking questions) are the most important thing you should take away from this article in my opinion. They are great because:

  • they lead the conversation to where you want.
  • they are just questions, so you don't come across as judgmental.
  • ¬†TPQ make people think and come up with the answer by their own so it comes across as their own opinion instead of you telling them yours.

For example:

  1. Are you against animal cruelty?
  2. Is it possible to be against animal cruelty and at the same time fund industries that are cruel to animals and abuse them?
  3. Do we need to eat animal products to survive?
  4. Are their lives less important than our pleasure?
  5. Is the joy that we get from eating meat more important than their lives?
  6. Is it okay to murder dogs?
  7. Is it okay to murder dogs for fun because my pleasure is more important than their live?

 *I highly recommend watching the debates of Ed Earthling, James Aspey and Joey Carbstrong on YouTube for further learning.

Tip Number 3: Don't Be Hostile - Be Nice¬†ūü§ĚūüŹľ

This is very important. you don't want to come across as hostile because it will make it even more difficult to veganize them. I know that even if we try our best to be nice it doesn't always comes across like that to the other side so I recommend to do 2 things:

1) ask questions - don't give statements. it come across as judgmental if you tell someone "you are killing animals because you like how they taste", instead you can ask them "is it okay to kill animals because they taste good?" "is our own pleasure more important than their lives?". sometimes it can be better to give statements, overtime you will see what works best for you and when :)

2)Let it come from them - is way better if they raise the subject of veganism to the conversation and if they are open to listen. If you are in the middle of the conversation about veganism then do your best, but don't always force people to talk about veganism, it may hurt the goal.

Instead of going to everyone and asking them "are you a vegan or do you murder animals?" You can just eat vegan food and have them come to you and you can use this opportunity to the lead the conversation to where you want.

I also highly recommend wearing vegan clothes, then everytime you walk on the street or at the gym, people will approach you and it makes it so easy when they come to you, all is left to do is to lead the conversation. Here are some vegan products that I recommend for you to check out:

 Vegan Avocado BackPackPowered By Plants T-shirt



Tip Number 4:¬†Show Them Graphic Footage¬†ūüź•

Don't force it on them. Offer them to watch a documentary together, perhaps 20minutes at a time. You can talk to people all day long, tell them that animals are suffering, but it will never be like showing them real footage. If is your birthday or a holiday you can ask them for a gift - 90minutes of their time, to watch a vegan movie/documentary with you.

I Highly recommend "earthlings" and "dominion" , you can find both on YouTube for free. 


Tip Number 5: Do It In Baby Steps ūüĎ£ūüĎ∂


Is going to take time. Whether is 1 week , 1 month, 1 year or 5 years. Accept the fact is going to take time to veganize certain people and don't let it discourage you, do your best.

If it seems scary for to them to go vegan right away they can do it in baby steps, 1 day a week, 3days a week and eventually 7 days a week. If you want to veganize someone make sure before they try to go vegan that they know why they are going vegan and is from the right reasons - otherwise it won't last.


Tip Number 6(Bonus): Knowledge Is PowerKnowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power. the more you know about veganism the better you are at talking about it. Read. Research. Do what you need in order to learn the facts and memorize them.


That's All ! Hoped you found this article helpful, if so you are welcome to share it with your vegan friends & family. You are also welcome to check our amazing vegan products and support us by purchasing what you love :)

Veganism is the future - don't get left behind.

10% of all profits are donated to freedom farms.

‚ÄúThe world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.‚Ä̬†¬†~Albert Einstein